Quality & HSE Policy

We, at Galadari Engineering Works, ensure total compliance with the Health & Safety act of 1974. Our H&S policies are reviewed with the department heads concerning serious accidents, potentially dangerous incidences, and overall safety assessments on a regular basis.

Within the guidelines provided by the policy, each employee has a role to play, to adopt safety measures, and beware of unsafe or potentially disastrous practices. Each employee must follow such safe habits and practices; for one’s own benefit, as well as for colleagues and the public at large. Mutual interaction shall take place amongst employees and between employees and responsible higher ups to maintain a high level of safety standards.

Safety shall be viewed in its positive perspective and not as a hindrance to the work, realizing the need and merits. The implementing staff shall be extended the necessary co-operation to fulfill their obligations.  Adoption of unsafe practices amounts to dereliction of duty.

The policy points to the direction of the company, in matters of Safety & Health.  Effectiveness will come from the attitude of each individual and the combined efforts.

The policy objectives would be achieved through the actions of all employees in accordance with the general responsibilities. The policy contents would be disseminated to all levels through discussions, interactions and review.


Generally, the employees are advised to adhere to the following:

  • Take reasonable care of your own safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  • Cooperate with the company and the arrangements made to comply with statutory obligations.
  • Avoid taking unnecessary risks. If in doubt, check with an immediate higher level.
  • Be aware of particular hazards related to one’s job.
  • Report defects in plant and equipment forthwith.
  • Set a personal example in the matter of safety and health to others. Be aware of the serious repercussions of not being conscious of safety.
  • Use the right tools for the right job.
  • Use the safety equipment diligently.